Key goals and realization of EMR implementation

1 05 2010

The purpose behind moving to electronic medical recordkeeping is “to create an interoperable national system for the secure exchange of healthcare information”, explains Dr. Bill Crounse (Crounse).  When former President George W. Bush announced in his January 2004 State of the Union speech his goal for the United States to be utilizing electronic medical records by 2014, he stated that “by computerizing health records, we can avoid dangerous medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve care.” (Bush)  Aaron Dunkel, the deputy secretary of the Kansas Department of Health expounded on this, saying the primary goal of making records electronic was to improve the efficiency and quality of providers by enabling the sharing of a patient’s files within their care team (Biles).  Though each supporter has their own idea of which goal is the most significant, all seem to agree that all aspects of the improvement of effective and necessary communication regarding a patient’s care can be achieved through electronic medical record keeping.

The purchasing of software system(s) to house the records and cost is a significant obstacle in making this first step (Swanson et al, 607).  Noting this issue as being a larger stumbling block for smaller practices, Representative Kathleen Dahlkemper introduced a bill that would loan small businesses the monies to acquire and install technological related hardware and software, with a cap of $350,000 (  This bill has not yet been passed into law; however, it has passed through the House.  The technological requirements can include workstations, computer equipment and data servers, as well as technical support and the software package itself (Lenhart et al, 112).  As an added incentive, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allocated funds which would reward businesses with bonus packages of up to $18,000 once they have their electronic record keeping implemented (Blumenthal).

In addition to the financial aspects, there is the need to educate personnel.  This education step must include not only instructional training on how to utilize the software, but also education designed to change the perception held by many about EMRs.  Without a positive attitude regarding the significance and utility of this process, medical staff will be less likely to embrace the changes (McLane).  Dr. Matt Murray suggests that with a committed attitude and outlook when discussing EMR roll out plans, the “staff will mimic your attitude to an EMR” (Murray).  This should begin with an open discussion about each staff member’s role in the new system, what is expected, what will change, and to encourage discussions about concerns and issues (McLane).

Even though some medical institutions have begun to take the steps towards making these changes, many more have not.  In fact, studies report that less than 10% of US hospitals have implemented at least a basic electronic record management system and less than 20% of US physician’s offices have implemented at least a basic system (Geisler et al).  “One of the amazing discrepancies in American society today is we’re literally changing how medicine is delivered in incredibly positive ways, and yet docs are still spending a lot of time writing things on paper — and sometimes it’s hard to read their handwriting,” said Bush (Benedetto).

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1 05 2010
Patient Survey Tools

Good post, we BTW use for keeping a tab on patient feedback. Works out well. Makes the staff also think twice about how they treat patients. Also, this is helping out to let go staff who are not doing a great job. What better way to document something than something that is provided to you by patients themselves. Plus, all staff wears a name tag just to make sure they know patients can see who the person is.

Also, doctors are now reviewing these every month as well. They get positive and negative feedback about how patients feel about their treatment at the hospital.

In the end only thing that matters is the patient care and preventative medicine.

Keep up the good work. Great content!!!


1 05 2010

I know with some of my relatives’ experiences at medical facilities in the past, we’ve felt stifled when we approach administrative personnel regarding concerns we have about the treatment by staff. Often, as a patient, you already feel a lack of control and a degree of humiliation from the lack of privacy – couple that with disrespect or even slighted comments, what a dreadful experience.
I think that is great to know that patients have a voice at your facility and you are absolutely right – the care of the patient should be the top priority.
Thank you.

3 05 2010

I’m active duty Army and our dog tags now have a computer chip that has all of our info on it in case we’re hurt out in the field god forbid. Ive never worried about someone trying to find out my info accidently or on purpose. The greater good is worth it.

20 05 2010

I agree with you entirely Dave and thank you for your service to our country! How cool that is to have the chip embedded in your tags!

10 05 2010

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8 06 2010

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28 06 2010

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14 07 2010

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11 07 2010

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14 07 2010

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23 06 2011

I was reading a different article and tsumbled on this one but our area has a computer system and it works nice. I dont have to bring my husbands records each time we go to a different specialist or hospital. Its all there.

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