Thank you Arthur Fry

27 11 2011

This year has flown past with such speed and I am shy of accomplishing so many goals.  Shy by a mile.  I’ve a list a mile long that remains unchecked – typing a friend’s journal, finishing my own journals, updating my recipe blog, weeding the garden (again!), finishing the quilt for my daughter, starting the scrapbook for my younger daughter, cleaning my desk, sending off a baby shower gift (to friends’ whose baby is now 6 months old), and so much more.  I hope to have achieved at least half of the aforementioned before the years’ end.  How do I allow the time to pass away and escape me so each year?  I’m not lazy, nor do I procrastinate.  And yet, I’ve piles of unfinished work set about.  

I think, in part, it is due to my need to bite off more than I can chew for sake of knowing the task will be done right.  At least my definition of right.  I see my doing as such so often.  I assign a task to a person, supervise briefly, then saddle them with a more menial chore as I feel I cannot entrust to another such work.  I try in earnest to give myself pause, give the others a chance.  There is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, after all.  And yet, I refuse to stray from the tried and true and damn all those who would dare re-invent the wheel.  It matters not if it still goes ’round, it isn’t going ’round in the manner I would have it, so thereby it cannot function properly.

As a result, I’ve work here and there to distract me from the already mounting work there and here.  The lesser important of it all getting time managed to the bottom of some intangible stack.  Before I know it, the babe is born and teething and the Diaper Genie sits still on a shelf.  (Ryan and Jen, forgive me?)  I know, without failing first, that I will fail if I make it my goal to change this behaviour.  It isn’t a refusal to try, it is however a refusal to waste time with a task that will prove fruitless.  So instead, I will try to overwhelm myself with goals of completion by a set date, whereby, perhaps, I will become so inundated I must relinquish tasks.




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29 05 2012

I’m nominating you for a blogger award! I love your blog, you’ve inspired me to create my own, so…

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