The end of an era

20 04 2012

This evening was quite frustrating and joyful – all in one.  That wonderfully frantic experience that you dreadfully celebrate; pushing down your pleasure to force the scowl lines on your face to dramatically reveal themselves.

As I’ve related in several recent outbursts here, the situation with The Boy is just growing out of control.  As a positive though, my daughter is becoming less influenced by him and thereby is less under his thumb.  I have begun to witness the slight rays of sunlight peering out of the dark clouds, accented by triumphant stomping of feet.  It really is beautiful.

Tonight however, this evening I should say, I noticed she was wearing a different necklace than the usual ownership pendant of his that typically hangs about her neck.  I should note that first she asked me if she could come outside and get some fresh air with me, quite a contradiction seeing as I was having a cigarette and secondly she very rarely wants to stand on the stoop while I do so.  But no problem, I consented.  And then I commented on the changed necklace, jokingly, and asked her if she was playing musical necklaces.  (Yes, I am very aware in hindsight of how very devoid of humour that remark was.)  At which point, she began to cry and confessed she was going to dump him.  When I say cry, it wasn’t a heartbreaking wretch of a cry, more of a pitiful whimper with a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Read the rest of this entry »