The Case of the Claustrophobic Spelunker

7 04 2012

One would think, reasonably speaking, that if your career goal was to become a marine biologist, that swimming or boating would not make you queasy.  It’s as oxymoronic as a rock climber terrified of heights, or a surgeon sickened by the sight of blood, or a quadriplegic soccer player – it doesn’t work!  And yet, today we witnessed this very situation with The Boy. Read the rest of this entry »


To see, or not to see…that is the question

11 01 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve made any public posts on my blog, in great part due to the backlash of my entries following our trip to Europe.  Yes, I’m still quite stinging over that crap and while I continue to write, I most generally do so privately any longer.  Writing still remains a catharsis for me, so I must do it still.  I have been going over old posts and debating whether to publish them or not on a public level.

We shall see.

Thank you Arthur Fry

27 11 2011

This year has flown past with such speed and I am shy of accomplishing so many goals.  Shy by a mile.  I’ve a list a mile long that remains unchecked – typing a friend’s journal, finishing my own journals, updating my recipe blog, weeding the garden (again!), finishing the quilt for my daughter, starting the scrapbook for my younger daughter, cleaning my desk, sending off a baby shower gift (to friends’ whose baby is now 6 months old), and so much more.  I hope to have achieved at least half of the aforementioned before the years’ end.  How do I allow the time to pass away and escape me so each year?  I’m not lazy, nor do I procrastinate.  And yet, I’ve piles of unfinished work set about.   Read the rest of this entry »


25 11 2011

I’ve been encouraged recently by a dear friend to try to verbalize memories that I wish to have live on outside of my fleeting thoughts and mind’s images.  Part of me, a great part, is hesitant to do as such because they are mine.  They are intimate and personal and to put them to pen (in a sense) shares them.  Call me selfish, but I’m not certain I am comfortable with this idea.  They’re mine.

And yet, I am going to give it a brief attempt. Read the rest of this entry »

These Boots Were Made For Walking, But The Soles Have Holes

21 10 2011

I was a fortunate child in many respects, but in one alone I’ve been feeling as though I’m falling short in my duties as a parent as of late – that of introducing my children to the world around them.  My parents, much more affluent than I have ever been, raised me, in part, in a foreign nation.  As a result, they found ease in traveling to the historical foundations of the world stage and I was able to experience so much at an early age. Read the rest of this entry »

Seeking Carmen Louise Clark’s mother

31 08 2011

I am seeking information anyone might have about a baby born MARCH 28, 1956 named CARMEN LOUISE CLARK.

She was most likely born in KANSAS, possibly in GARDEN CITY or in WICHITA.

She was given to the adoptive parents on MARCH 31, 1956.

As early as January of 1956, her mother had made arrangements to give the baby up for adoption. Read the rest of this entry »

AFK – ish

4 07 2011

I’ve not fallen from the face of the Earth, I promise.  And while I have still been writing, they aren’t ready to publish.  I’ve just been so busy and hectic that when I do have a moment to myself – I don’t care to proofread.  I will finish posting the UK logs soon and the other bits.  Thank you for the encouraging feedback though, I’ve not time to reply to each but I logged in this morning for the first time in near on a month and saw them.  Thank you.