23 03 2011

I was just notified that evidently my blog is of some interest to members of Fodor’s, a forum I had attempted to get advice from last year when trying to plan my trip, and learned since on my blog I dared to post pictures of myself and the parts I enjoyed on our family trip that I am selfish and shame on me for not taking pictures at other places my family wanted to see or that we didn’t even dare to venture to any place anyone other than what I wanted.  All of the photos from our trip that I chose to include in my online photo album are here and what you see on this blog is from my journal of our trip.  If my children choose to make public their journals, then their memories of the trip would be available, but again this is my blog and I won’t be posting their journal entries here.  If your life is so unfulfilling that you strive to track down and read up on the blog of a poster who asked for advise of the forum you frequent almost a year ago and then spend days nitpicking my every comment, twisting and distorting the complete entries to colour the interpretation to meet your needs, mocking my family and myself along the way – who really needs help?  And to follow that up by making crude comments here about myself and sexually inappropriate comments about my daughters – sick.




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24 03 2011

I wondered if you knew about those comments or not. Mighty glad you took them down cause I didnt want to justify them with a reply but they were mean. Some people you know.

24 03 2011

I hadn’t seen them Dianna, well I saw one on the Birmingham post, but I hadn’t taken it for snide – at first. Then I received a message from someone from fodor’s site apologizing and when I looked at the messages here I saw them. A lot got caught by spam filters, but a few didn’t.
The funny thing is I never even put my blog out there, as you know I don’t advertise or anything. And when I did the stats to see the referring page it was threads on their site that were so nasty mean. I only posted there like twice, last year. Once to ask advise and then later to defend myself and I was like okay, enough of this. Someone there evidently did some searching on google to find the blog.

24 03 2011

some folks just need a life and they’ll pick on yours cause they don’t have one of their own

24 03 2011

I guess so. I was really surprised at some of the comments, I just don’t even know what to say except they obviously need some greater fulfillment to their day if the best they can muster is to go about lavishing unprovoked attacks on others.
It’s my blog, so obviously I’m going to write about my experiences and what I took away from the trip – not what my children enjoyed or where they went.

10 06 2011

wow, someone actually did that? That’s so annoying! It’s your blog you can do what you want.

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