Twelve days, twenty-three hours, thirty-eight minutes…

22 02 2011

As I write this, we are thirteen days away from leaving.  Zero hours, zero minutes.  We will be sitting in our seats, staring out a darkened window and waiting to experience the jolt of the 757’s wheels rising as we leave the ground.  I’ve been journaling a great deal each night (though being slow to transfer to the blog) and as I look over the past two months of notes, I see what a rat race I’ve been running.  Coupled with my last week of college (four days to go!) and my eldest’s cruise to Cozumel (she returned yesterday), I’m completely amazed at how sensible my writing is – if you can call anal retentive micro managing panic sensible.  I’m glad though, in reflection, that I am working out each minute detail now, as I hope to arrive in Kirkwall and be able to fully enjoy the world around me, instead of worrying if we’ve planned out the next day amply.

And yet, there’s so much not yet done.  There’s some craziness I’ve decided to avoid getting involved in any further regarding our trip to and from the airport; I’ve still got to get the traveler’s cheques and get the international purchases notification on our credit cards; and I’ve yet to make any sense of Oyster or Travelcard for London rails.  I need new TENS pads and thick socks still.  I’m debating still on whether to invest in a nifty collapsing cane that will fold up nicely or just make do with my regular one.  And I have to meet with the kids’ schools to get their work for while we’re gone.

It really isn’t much when I write it all out.  But it seems like it.

I just want thirteen days and…ooo what’s this??  Twelve days and 23 hours and 39 minutes to pass by.





2 responses

22 02 2011

ugh! have i mentioned how much i hate make-up work?! and two weeks of it is enough to make one go crazy! :(

22 02 2011

I’m so excited for you! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe! I just know you’re going to have a fantastic time!

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