£28 Tickets for a Castle I Won’t Visit…Priceless

28 01 2011

I carefully have avoided including any guided stops on our itinerary as the idea of hobbling along or trying to keep up the pace all the while attracting attention to the middle aged woman with grey fly-aways and the cane is just mortifying.  The most guided aspect of the trip will be escorting my daughter to the university and touring the campus and such.  I’d left out castles for lack of finding any that were self-guided, though thinking of traipsing through a grand hall or maneuvering up a turret’s off-kiltered steps makes me giddy with imaginative thoughts.  Oh! what fun.  But I keep coming back to the not-so-old-little-old-woman and attracting the attention I really don’t want.

So when I learned from the dean that he wouldn’t be able to get us four spots for the university day, but yet only two, I had to think of what I could send my husband and other daughter off to do that wouldn’t get them lost or too far away to find after we finish.  Cardiff isn’t an exceptionally large city, but I’m thinking even a city one square mile in size could disorient us all enough to have us spend the last three days of our trip trying to relocate one another.  So where to send them?

It couldn’t be anywhere that I wanted terribly badly to see myself, so that ruled out Tinkinswood and other area cairns.  Perhaps the beach, but to get to an open beach would require them drive about fifteen miles out and locate parking lots and then have to try to locate their way through a city that is known more for poor road signs than being driver friendly.  Couple that with having much of the roadways identified in Welsh, not English – the panic sets in.  But the dean sent me a list of sights and suggestions for their day.

One caught my eye immediately – Cardiff Castle.

It sits less than half a mile from the university and has everything from the Roman fortifications, motte and bailey style of fortresses, Gothic incorporations and the Victorian era renovations.  And it’s a 2000 year old castle, complete with all of the turrets and halls that I can’t explore on my own.  They can though and I can live vicariously through their footage and photos!  And to think I won’t even need a narcotic to get through it.

So add in to the list a lovely guided tour through a massive tourist trap of stone that I’ll never get to even see in person.



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