Another One Bites The Dust

19 01 2011

As we (I) began planning this trip, I asked everyone to list out two places they had to see.  Kayla’s top place was not really specific, but that she wanted to see a place that was haunted.  She wanted to see a ghost – so she can know if they are real.  And we cycled through a few castles before settling on Edinburgh castle.  My cousin Brian told me that at very least the dungeons are creepy, even if no ghosts pop out at you.

We’ve changed those plans now though and decided to settle on a ghost walk.  From all I have read and researched, Mercat Tours offer some of the best ghost walks in Edinburgh and one thing that struck me about them is the follow up.  In reading sites like and such, I noticed for any negative review that a staff member of Mercat replied to make amends for anything that had went awry.

I like that.  I like the idea of someone stepping up to the plate and saying sorry it was such a crappy time for you, what can I do to make it better?  There are a lot of businesses that could learn from this company’s approach to negative experiences.

Beyond that, they wrote me back and were very informative and kind.

So a walking we will go, but not through the castle.  We instead plan to lower ourselves down into the vaults where the creepy haunts of Edinburgh supposedly still run free and maybe we might see a ghost, or catch the plague or some other lovely reminder of the place to bring home.

I didn’t want to kill the castle trip, but I didn’t want to go to it.  I don’t know, on a romantic level I’m sure the castle is brimming with sights and smells and experiences that are just lovely.  But I hate guided touristy crap.  (I know the ghost walk is guided touristy crap – but that’s different.)  I don’t want to walk through a castle and see mock ups or displays and be herded through like the rest of the sheep for the day.  At least with the ghost walk, it’s more of a story-telling adventurer sans the campfire.

With this change comes the killing of all of the highlands aspect of our trip.

(Yes, I’m well aware I’m making a wasted journey if I don’t bother to see the real beauty of Scotland.)

But the ferry which was the critical component of our highlands leg, doesn’t run Kirkwall to Aberdeen in March.  No, something about icebergs, the North Sea and the memories of the Titanic still being fresh.  So we would instead have to leave Stromness by ferry at 6 at night for a 90 minute ride to Thurso and be stuck in the far north mainland of the highlands at night.  That makes for killing one day driving up from Edinburgh, one day on Orkney, one day driving down to Edinburgh – more time than I wanted to spend in that little area.

[collective sigh]

Glenn and I have decided that once the girls have graduated and it won’t cost us some fifteen thousand dollars for our trip, that then we’ll go back.  Besides, I still need to see Skye and Callanish and he still has Moine Thrust on his list.




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16 02 2011

This is nice stuff, its great to be in the know.

16 02 2011

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