So much to do, but not really

13 01 2011

The more lackadaisical folk of the world, or even the less anal retentive bunches out there, would likely purchase their tickets, book their hotel and car rental and plot the points on a map – then be done with it.  Why can’t I be like them?

I have to research each place, seek out reviews and opinions and histories; write to local business owners to ask inane questions (likely further supporting the mentality that Americans are weird creatures) and plan for every imaginable not-so-happy ending that could occur; as well as calculate our drive times down to the mile and minute and plan our day out to that of a finely tuned machine.  You could ask me where we’ll be at 3:43 in the afternoon on the 12th of March and I can tell you down to the next nearest cross streets.  Why?

I wish I knew.  I wish there was an answer or remedy or excusable rationale behind my organizational fits.  There isn’t.

And on top of all that I have to plan and contemplate and research and write to satisfy my odd habits, then the wrench comes along with a tidbit of information to throw my whole life into an upheaval.

Today’s wrench – my phone won’t work in the UK.  I can call the UK from my phone and my carrier’s corporate offices are in the UK and their UK sold phones will work in the US – but not the other way around.  This is quite a pain in the ass because while I am so not the person with the phone piece growing out of my ear, the idea of being disconnected from the world isn’t exactly enjoyable either.

I could buy a phone once there, but seeing as we won’t be in a technology rich part of the globe with time on our hands until day three of our nine day trip, that really isn’t feasible.  I tried purchasing a phone from the UK branch of my carrier and having them ship it to my hotel I’ll be at my first night, but they won’t sell me the phone since I am not a UK resident.  So now I’m looking into cell phone rental, which I found a company that seems fairly reputable – they even had a piece written about them in the Times a couple years ago, but shelling out $70 or so dollars to avoid disconnection with the world for 9 days is almost as crazy as planning every square mile down to the minute.



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16 03 2011

japan is in a crisis right now

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