Nine and a Half Weeks…and counting

6 01 2011

I feel like it is count down to the wedding all over again.  The anxiety and planning and double checking and re-budgeting and craziness could easily be mistaken for pre-wedding micro-management stress – but no.  No this stress is for a vacation, you know when you leave your worries behind and give a big FU to the bills and daily concerns you leave behind.  Yes, that wonderfully stressful thing called a vacation.  A dear friend, who is likewise planning a vacation of sorts, provided a nice excuse for all of this muss – I’ll worry about every minute being planned out now so that I can properly vacation without those worries then.  I think I will steal her excuse, it bodes well.

So the tickets, for the five day trip.  Well, I’ve been slowly adding days on to this trip that was to be a five day trip.  Glenn hasn’t paid a great deal of attention to the details, merely bobbing his head along while he tries to hear his television shows without turning up the volume (and thereby incurring the wrath that is me).  So, somewhere along the way, shortly after nixxing Lindisfarne, I added a day.  Then another.  And I held steady at seven days for a few months.  But as my fingertips hovered over the clicker on the mouse and I debated my airplane ticket purchase one last moment before spending $3467 in a single mouseclick – I realized something.   I realized the ticket price for a nine day trip was no different than a seven day trip.  The kennel costs were only $100 more per day and really, when you’re already spending $1100 on a kennel – what’s $200 more?
I re-checked the budget, gathered some pricing on lodging and determined the following – Fuck it!  If I go broke and can’t afford to come home, then at least we’ll be stuck in jolly ol’ England as paupers, which has to be far better than the armpit of hell called Florida.
So a nine day airplane ticket is what I purchased.
Now how to sell it to the hubby.  Would he notice?  Surely he would.  There’s a far stretch between five days and nine days.  They rhyme, maybe I can just say he was confused or hard of hearing.  That old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be, or something along those lines.  But instead, he just bobbed along, mmm hmm nine days, got it.
Maybe I should have aimed for ten?
I’ve learned that luggage in the UK must have odd dimensions, as my carry on allowance is for a suitcase no longer than 19 inches – including the wheels.  Yet our American luggage, the standard carry on is 19 inches, not including the wheels.  Also, the UK flight luggage limits go by weight, not piece count.  Thankfully though I plan to stow a lot in the girls’ luggage allowance, seeing as they certainly don’t need a carry on and a full sized suitcase each for their things.
I can say though that I am dreading the flight.  Three hours in a car to Miami International, eight hours from Miami to Heathrow, four hour layover at Heathrow, three hours from Heathrow to Edinburgh, two hour layover at Edinburgh, one and a half hours from Edinburgh to Kirkwall.  I leave the US at 7 pm on the 8th and won’t be done flying until 7 pm the 9th.  Thankfully there are some time zones in there which make the hours less than they seem but it’s still forever in a seat.  I do hope they serve alcohol –  with my narcotics I’ll sleep like a baby and probably not awaken til the 10th.
It’s time to go back to planning, perfection’s not yet been achieved.





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