Gaga’s Prime Rib

21 09 2010

I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga.  To me she’s nothing more than Howard Stern in drag.  I’ve never found myself humming along with her vocally challenged ballads.  In fact, I was actually surprised when I happened to view the dueling piano routine she did with Sir Elton John, I never realized she had any notable talent; but it wasn’t significant enough for me to change my mind about her flash in the pan success with extremism.

And yet, recently in following the stories of the continued injustice to our proud military service members who choose a sexual lifestyle against what the Good Ol’ Boy club deems acceptable, I found myself agreeing with this … singer?

Her idea of implementing the act of discharging troop members who cannot tolerate fighting alongside a homosexual in defending the freedoms of all Americans is such a novel and ingenious idea, quite possibly the most inspiring creation she has ever presented – at least to my ears.

I was raised by a father who served his country for twenty years, a man who taught me to accept people as they presented themselves to be, no matter their race, gender or other differences.  He showed me through his own interactions with people how to treat everyone I meet as their own unique and worthwhile individual and how to not judge them based on the opinions of others or based on aspects of their lives that had no impact on me.  He warmly welcomed and accepted a friend for the mark they made on their world, not for what they might have done in the privacy of their own home or who they loved.  And I know without any doubt in my mind that he too would have been in support of this proposal of Lady Gaga, no matter that my father was a dedicated husband and career service member.

Senator McCain, a decorated war veteran is extremely opinionated about gays in the military.  He feels that the military is stronger without them.  He doesn’t believe that homosexuals are sought out in the service to be removed.  And he has worked diligently to filibuster proposals to repeal the DADT policy over the past few months, because in his words, he wants to see statistics and reports on homosexuals in the military and the impact it would have – fair enough.  And yet he admits he will add on bills to legislature that would create such studies – solely so that the legislature won’t be passed.

And the man who would be president, his words on homosexuals in the military?

I find it shocking that in this day and age that anyone can stamp their feet and claim that having to serve with someone who doesn’t share their like views on sexuality is an affront to them – and they legally are permitted to do so.

This isn’t about whether you believe it is religiously acceptable to sleep with a member of the same sex.  This isn’t about whether or not it is morally acceptable for two people to love one another if they are of the same sex.  This is about the bigots being permitted to define who is good enough to defend our nation.  It’s no worse than when those of a different race or ethnicity or religion or gender than the  Christian English Caucasian Male were prohibited from gathering arms to protect our borders and our rights.

How is it that in all other aspects of federal laws of equality and employment that sexuality choices cannot be discriminated against, and yet in the defense of those very laws, a soldier cannot have that same protection?



2 responses

1 12 2010

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

6 01 2011

i like it

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