Lindisfarne Nixxed

24 08 2010

Lindisfarne.  I remember reading about it once or twice but I wasn’t really sure where or what it was until I began planning our trip to the UK and someone said Lindisfarne, you gotta go there and I googled it and thought Lindisfarne, I gotta go there!


Outside of the fact it sits out in the North Sea and is accessible by a narrow road that is surrounded on either side by both the North Sea, quick sand, algae and lord knows what else, we have to time our trip to coincide with tide schedules that may change and if it rains we could be stuck.  I can’t have that.  We’ve too tight a schedule to risk being stuck on some holy island for lord knows how long until the road can once more rise from the sea to release us.

Couple that with two freakish dreams of mine and my husband’s, ending in both of us waking up believing we were drowning as we had driven down the road and the tide swept us out to sea – I’ve scratched this beauty from my list.

I encourage you to watch this video of a couple having to be rescued after trying to make it.  I would never even dare it if water was on the roadway at all – but oh dear lord this video terrifies me (but watch it on a mute – whoever created it has more eclectic music taste than me).




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30 08 2010

That’s probably a wise move, though once the tables are published, they are fairly set. They are designed with a considerable buffer to prevent incidents as you show in the video. The issues arise when people disregard the time tables, try to make a go of it anyhow and fail to make a wise decision when they see the rising waters. It’s been some years but the tidal causeway is near on 15 km – or about 10 of your miles. There isn’t much budge room if you do get stuck.
It’s one of those places where if you decide to visit, you’ll want to make a day of it instead and at Easter – not the best time, the traffic will be horrid.

25 09 2010

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