UK or Bust!

23 08 2010

My daughter has aspirations to become an archaeologist and since she was about 7, she’s had her dream college selected.  It’s in Wales, Cardiff University, and we’ve mentally planned out going over to visit the campus and meet with an instructor or admissions staff a few times, but it wasn’t even close to a reality until this past winter when I realized that she is entering high school and I am about to graduate college myself.  We’ll have very few opportunities to take off and visit if we don’t do it soon, so we began narrowing down to a when and settled on the spring of 2011.  It will serve an alternative need too, as I need to go to the UK to visit all of the places I have dreamt of seeing for so long.The first step was to round up everyone in the family and have a pow wow in which we said here is a map of the UK.  What place would you be devastated if you didn’t get to visit, and the suggestions started flying.  Lindisfarne, Holy Island, Skara Brae, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Seahenge, Bath, Beer, London, Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Firth of Forth, Sherwood Forest, Boudicea’s Statue, British Museum, Roulston Scar, Boltby Scar, Hadrian’s Wall, Liverpool, Glastonbury Tor…  Once we settled on the fact we won’t be moving to the UK and that we have about a week to do all of this site-seeing in, the list got smaller.  A lot smaller, sadly.

We’ve reduced the trip to Cerne Abbas, Roulston Scar, Kilburn White Horse, Boltby Scar, Whaligoe Steps, Skara Brae, Stanwick, Chesters Roman Fort, Old Sarum, Woodhenge, Stonehenge, Ring of Brodgar, Stones of Stenness, Earl’s Palace, Bishop’s Palace, Tantalon Castle, Old Man of Hoy, Whitby Abbey, Rosslyn Chapel, Church of Beere, Trafalgar Square, Glastonbury Tor, Westminster Abbey, St Helen’s Church (at Morton-On-Swale), Alnwick Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Sherlock Holmes’ Museum, Charles Dickens’ Museum, Bath, Beer, Chelmsford, Morton-On-Swale, Bovey House (at Beer), Parvin Farm (at Foxton), Abbey Road Studios, London Eye, Madame Tousaud’s, St Gregory’s Church (at Seaton) with several sights to drive by in London itself and then a large drive around the highlands of Scotland.  We have tentative plans for Hay-on-Wye, Lindisfarne and Holy Island, and Uffington.  We ditched the plans to ferry over to Dublin or take the rail down to Paris.

As I continue to plan, I will write here as my family has already grown tired of hearing me carry on about the plans.




6 responses

28 08 2010

That’s a small list? That toke me about a minute to read! :0 You know we can’t fit all of those stops into ONE WEEK!!!!!!

30 08 2010

A lot of your proposed stops would be just stops – step out of the vehicle, snap an image, drive for another day. If you were to trim some of the fat from this, you could have a very manageable itinery though.

29 08 2010

Oh we can and shall baby girl! 8 Days to be precise.

18 09 2010

I’ve seen some of the responses you received on Fodor and I just want to let you know I don’t believe anyone truly meant to be malicious, they just wanted you to know the dangers of so many destinations and long drives between stops.

20 09 2010

Thank you Deb. I guess I didn’t anticipate to rile everyone up by asking for input – I figured I would get…well, input that is at least constructive. I’ll just take the good input and work on the rest myself.

26 10 2010


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