A Fresh Mind is an Asset

14 07 2010

I’m irritated and frustrated and unemployed.  The three combined do not make for a great combination, so I find my keys beneath my fingertips once more to express myself in the best manner I am able – through my words.

The United States Senate avoided, repeatedly, to extend unemployment benefits and there are many who rally their decision.  I venture to guess that most of those, if not all of those, who support this decision are gainfully employed.  They are not struggling to pay their mortgage and bills, put food on the table and kids through school on the measly $247/week unemployment.  They are the employed who look on persons such as myself with disdain and say that people like me, the long-term unemployed, are avoiding looking for work because we appreciate this easy life much more.  They believe that we avoid work which would pay us well because it is beneath our standards and that our standards have lowered to the point that any work that involves more effort than sleeping in and lounging about in our pajamas is too much work entirely.

This is a source of irritation for me.

I could see the basis of their argument if I were earning a decent wage through unemployment.  However, what I earn is not even one third of what I earned a year ago.  And even then I was barely afloat.  I paid my half of our household bills, my car payment and prayed there would be enough remaining to buy groceries and other necessities.  I robbed Peter to pay Paul and prayed that Mary would forget my debts for another week.  And that was while employed!  Now I am left to try to explain to debt collectors the meaning of money not growing on trees, I am left to debate whether my kids need a new pair of shoes or if they can make do another month.  I wrestle with thoughts of a eight dollar tube of Orajel as opposed to a two hundred dollar oral surgeon’s bill to fix a broken molar.

And I still awaken each morning to muster the positivity to apply for any job I can find.

I hear repeatedly how there are so many jobs available, that employers cannot find persons to take those jobs.  And while that may be true, I cannot validate it as I’ve not encountered such employers.

I’ve hesitated and thought again on what I am about to post many times over, the fall out that could stem from what I am about to type and subsequently publish, but ultimately I have decided that the worst outcome is that I am in the same position I am in currently.

  • Bonnie Polverari of K Corporation Lee Inc, where is at very least a call back to say I don’t meet the standards of your KFC Restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida?
  • I’m glad that I was worthy of a phone interview with you Sam Reynolds of Clean Energy Company and I am glad that you were going to have your assistant schedule me for a follow up in person, but unfortunately she never called and never returned my calls.
  • Kim Brown of Callminer Inc, am I not deserving of at least the form letter that states you’ll keep my application on file for thirty days but I am not what you are seeking for your business in Fort Myers, Florida?
  • And New Missions Systems of Fort Myers, yes you Ashleigh Leenerts, could you not contact me to give me a status update of the application for the part time receptionist position?
  • Iryna Senkiv of SoftServe Inc of Fort Myers, you were kind enough to accept my application, but not even a return to my calls for a status update?
  • Sheryl, Sheryl of AirStation AV, I realize you do business with the same company that let me go because, as they said, they couldn’t have a disabled person working for them, even in a desk job.  Is that why after calling to schedule my interview you called an hour prior to the interview to say you had filled the position?
  • And speaking of Sharon and Richard, I gotta hand it to you both for the style with which you handled interviewing me, dragging out my wait for three weeks while you brought on another candidate who bailed on you, then bringing me on and deciding to let me go when the sight of a thirty-three year old with a cane disturbed you.
  • And Nisi Lewis with Gartner, you arranged the interview with your manager for me but after waiting for thirty minutes on the conference call line for Peter Procopio to get on, I gave up.  And no one ever answered my emails or calls afterwards.
  • Golf Galaxy of Fort Myers, thank you so much for telling me I was over qualified for the part time cashier position you interviewed me for, even though had it been so beneath me I probably wouldn’t have bothered showing up for the interview.
  • Craig Brown, with Telvent, typically when you call and leave a message to arrange an interview and ask that the applicant call you back and they call you back within two hours – you return their call.  Even if just to say the most magnificent candidate called before you called me back and I’m sorry, we chose them.
  • Kuhn Law Firm, I would have truly appreciated even a follow up to my application, even if it was to say thanks, but no thanks.  Thanks.
  • I would like to give a special word of thanks to Kim Tarzian who posted an opening in her business, Doyle Electric, but then seemed confused after receiving my application and said there were no openings, only to contact back a week later to say there were and could I resubmit my application, which I did, to only again have her contact me back asking why I was submitting said application to her as there were no positions.
  • I realize you were likely swarmed with applicants after you posted the advertisement for receptionist, but do you not think that the people who took the time to fax their resumes to you deserved at very least the same time afforded them with even a form letter or generic email to say LandQwest Asset Recovery doesn’t need you?
  • Jo Walker, I’m sorry I was too good for you and that you felt my skills would be wasted as a receptionist for New Hope, but I’ve got to start somewhere and I tried with you.
  • Tanya Baker at Busey Bank, I’m glad you had such an overwhelming amount of applicants that you could only bother to go through a handful, but mostly I am glad that you at least had the courtesy to tell me so.
  • Vince at Rasmussen.  Vince, your situation is possibly the most laughable to me as your college prides itself on teaching people to be successful in the clerical roles in the business world and yet you could not once return my call after accepting my application, nor take the time to offer the most basic of communication skills in return by saying I wasn’t a candidate you were considering.
  • And Carl Velatini who was so very concerned with my well being that he took the time to write me back about not my application, noooo.  He was concerned with why I was job hunting so early in the morning.  I should be getting more sleep.  When I wrote him back to jovially state I often rise at dawn to get started on my job hunting job and that sleeping in isn’t in my vocabulary, he wrote me back to state, and I quote, “A fresh mind is an asset…you just don’t realize how much Go get assistance for your “no sleeping in” problem.  There may be something lurking in your system that you do not know about… YET…”

I’d continue, but there is over two thousand businesses to type out and I kind of figure I have hit on enough to create the example I wished to establish – which is while there may be jobs that no employers can fill, I haven’t found them yet.

I understand how there may be some twinge of jealousy impassioning the individuals who have a job and feel that it isn’t fair that they must work forty hour weeks or more to support their families whilst I lounge about at home, soaking in the sun and government money.  I can see how you might think that I’m just not trying hard enough, I think that myself every day.  And it is the source of my frustration.  I think perhaps there is some avenue of job hunting I’ve overlooked.  I feel miserable that after a year I am still out of work and my husband carries the majority of the financial burdens for our family.  You’ve no idea how demoralizing it is to look at yourself when you take that moment to shave your legs or flip on the television and you pause and think, is this the best use of my time?  Could the twenty minutes you spent checking Facebook have cost you a job opportunity that was only available in that small window?  You avoid bothering with haircuts and makeup, nail polish or a new bra because after all, what could you possibly need it for when you just sit at home all day?

I implore those who believe the unemployed would quickly turn their lives around if the government takes away their unemployment benefits to take a moment and think it through.  Do you sincerely believe that anyone would choose this lifestyle for this meager and instable pay if given an alternative?  I ask you to realize what will happen when those who are still without a job lose the only income they have – if you think the economy if bad now.  Wait until that new wave of homes are foreclosed upon and the homeless rate increases and the food banks are swamped and we become a nation where 1 out of every 10 people is without work, without income, without a home, without food and without a hope.



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14 07 2010

Edit: I got a bit more irked than I should have so I am removing this comment I had made.

18 07 2010

This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.

21 07 2010

Great idea, thanks for this tip!

22 07 2010

I cannot believe this!

20 08 2010
sassy taylforth

do you know where rockhooper is please

20 08 2010
sassy taylforth

please tell me where rockhooper is

22 08 2010

Sorry I have no idea what you are even talking about.

16 11 2010
Leota Laurich

big + for you, regards

16 11 2010

Thank you kindly.

16 11 2010
Berna Colker

this is a ***** post

16 11 2010

I’m not certain what you m***.

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