For her child’s sake…

13 07 2010

A little over a year ago I wrote about my irritations with Sarah Palin’s daughter following her interview with Fox News wherein she stated that abstinence isn’t realistic for teenagers.  Since then, her mother is no longer a candidate for any political offices, Bristol and her baby daddy have broken off their engagement and followed that up with mud slinging that could only be learned in a political family, they fought for custody of the baby, defamed each other, and have since gotten engaged once more.  Personally, I really wish to hear nothing more from either of them, despite the fact that if I had to choose one I respected more it would be Levi.  

Bristol decided she would trolley on with the single mom lifestyle, one that she admitted would be a tough path to choose.  She wanted to serve as an example to teenage girls, because you know most teenage girls live in the spotlight of the media and have a financially secure family to back them up when they falter, they have magazines vying for the first pictures of their newborn and sitting fees they exact for photo shoots and speeches and such.  Don’t most teenage girls have television series calling them for bit parts and news stations begging for interviews?  The idea that she could serve as an example to any teenage girl is laughable at best, her ability to relate to anything the average teenage girl may endure ends with pimples that crop up before that big night.

And then the ultimate slap was when she stated she was trying to serve as a role model to other single mothers.  I am certain she cannot be referring to the rest of the single mothers in the nation who struggle between balancing a check book on their own income without a family or child support or sufficient pay while everyone out stretches their palms for their share of the money that doesn’t exist.  Could she really think she could be a role model to the rest of the single mothers who try to play the role of father and mother and put their own dreams and goals on the back burner while they try to sustain a minimum standard of living for their children?

I wish her the best – for her child’s sake.  I hope she and Levi and her family find a way of mending those bridges they have hatcheted apart over the past year – for her child’s sake.  In another seven years or so her child will find or some other search engine and type in his name and see for himself his parents and grandparents for who they are and who they were.  For her child’s sake I hope she leaves the spot light, forgets the lime light, focuses on her family and her child and goes back to being an obscure teenage girl from Alaska who made some hasty decisions that she has to deal with.




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