OO.. I need a cootie shot

11 03 2010

My youngest was sick on Sunday, a little 24 hour bug with a cough and small fever that cured itself with a garlic clove and sleep.  On Monday, my oldest daughter got sent home from school sick – and remains sick still, five days later.  But the worst has now happened, my husband is sick.  Of them all, he is by far the biggest baby when sick and while I love him to pieces, nothing is more frustrating than him being sick.  You can tell him he needs sleep, but he’ll relax in his chair.  You can tell him to gargle salt water, but he’ll say it tastes yucky.  You can make him homemade soup, but he’ll want something with more substance.  You can tell him he’s had enough medicine, but another dose of Tylenol never did a body harm.  The worst part is that he has the freedom to be sick.  Maybe it’s just me, but I never feel permitted to be sick.  It’s self imposed yes, but when I feel dizzy or nauseated, I have to man up.  There is no time to lay down for a power nap, especially when others are sick, because that is when they need me most.  So I scurry about and slave away and pray this headache dissipates.




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