WTB: Grease for a wheel that squeaks

16 02 2010

When I left my husband we made an agreement that he would pay me money for the welfare of our children.  The US Military said I was entitled to 65% of his pay, I wanted only $150 of it, enough to cover one half of my rent for a small apartment in a little town in Kansas.  And while he agreed and they agreed to allot me the funds, he was sneaky.  We shared a credit union account, so I decided the easiest method would be to just have my portion automatically deposited into this shared account.  A little background on this account, it was mine.  Since I was 3.  When I married, I had my father removed from custodial rights on the account and added my husband.  Hence shared.

However, he somehow managed to have me removed from my account that we shared.  So while yes, the child support was going in, I was in essence locked out.  Not to be daunted, I took my Power of Attorney paperwork that I had giving me the legal right to decide for my husband, and I went to the nearest branch of the bank.  Just to note, the nearest branch was 950 miles away – one way.  I verified first that the POA was still valid, which it was, and yet the bank declined to adhere to it since I did not know the password my husband had put on our shared account.

And then bills arrived.  My income taxes were garnished.  For his debts!  Since they occurred while we were married, I was considered liable for these debts.  For three years I watched my income taxes be depleted for his debts and I paid bounced checks of his from our shared account that I could no longer even access.  In divorce court my shoddy attorney advised me that since my husband lived out of state I would be unable to file for child support orders.  But I had my kids, I had my name, and I had documented papers that allowed me to keep him from ever coming near the children based on his felonies of child molestation.  So I went about my merry way.

Until one day in 2002 when he called me to find out if we were divorced yet.   All because he was dating a woman who was a single mom and he wanted to buy her a home because a single mom, in his words, shouldn’t have to raise her kids in an apartment.  I looked around my apartment where I raised our children and decided he was right.  And I went after him for child support.  And two years later I won the judgement.

Enforcement was a whole different matter.  At one point in 2004 he called to ask if he could just pay me and then I could mail it back to him as he needed the money but didn’t need the legal troubles that went with failing to pay.  He eventually began working under the table.  I know this because my own cousin was his employer, paying him cash for his efforts.  Of course, per my cousin, it was with the understanding that my husband would be paying me the support.  He never did.  In 2006 I won the right to have his tax returns seized for back owed support, but when you don’t file taxes, that doesn’t much matter.

In 2008, I had enough with dealing with interstate agencies to handle the issue.  So I called his home state directly.  And after a forty minute conversation of where I was and where I had came from, the representative began to work with me.  As a registered sex offender, his home address was noted on the internet.  As was his place of employment.  His home state set about greasing the wheel that had squeaked for so long and arrested him for failure to pay and pressed charges against his employer for failure to respond to their requests for validation of his employment.

And now, I smile with glee.

I received my first seizure of his tax return last summer, a hefty one as he avoided filing for so many years.  And I now see regular payments of support because as a stipulation of his parole he must maintain employment.  Today I received my second seizure of his tax return, not even $400, but it makes me smile.  I imagine he is sitting back plotting the purchases and debts he can pay down with his return, much as I once did, only to receive a statement in the mail that his refund has been applied to debts owed.

And the funniest part to me is that had he not been such an ass to lock me out of the $150 a month I felt fair as child support for two children, I never would have went to court and fought for the judgement that has him paying more than twice that.

I know that at some point he’ll drop from the radar, it’s his style.  And I’ll be left with no child support.  Which really won’t trouble me, as I don’t depend on it to arrive.  But knowing that for now he is learning to pay for his choices, that’s worth more than the money in the bank.



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