Day Four

25 01 2010

Day four has come and after being awake now for a little over eleven hours, no cigarettes.  Just the e-cig.  In truth, I’m not craving them nor experiencing any withdrawl symptoms, which is very comforting.

So I promised to cut one of these bad boys open and make a break down of its innards.  You’ll notice that the filter part of this used e-cigarette is still completely white.  That kind of made me smile.  I can’t do that with any other cigarette.  For contrast and comparison I shot images of used filters of my cigarette and Glenn’s.  And even though mine (the white paper) is lighter than his (gold paper) neither are pristine white.  This is pretty strong evidence to me of how clean the e-cigarette is in comparison to a regular cigarette, even though I knew it was safer and better, seeing that white filter was a loud scream of how much better and safer it is.

One of the other things I immediately noticed is the droplets of fluid and what appears to be condensation inside the plastic cartridge.  I did some looking and most all e-cigarettes include 80% or better of propylene glycol in this fluid.  Other components of the liquid include nicotine, glycerol, and various organic flavouring agents.  All combined it is often referred to as e-liquid.  Propylene glycol is used in hand sanitizers, oral medicines and a variety of everyday items to humidify them.  Nicotine is the oily liquid of the tobacco plant and most e-liquids only have about 6 – 8% nicotine.  Glycerol is an organic substance, created during refining of cooking oils.  Most e-liquids include less than 3% glycerol.  The other few percents are typically flavouring agents.

So that’s what the liquid is.

And from what I can find, the sucking action on the tip activates the atomizer, which is the heating agent.  The heating element reacts against the fluid and creates a vapor which then comes through the hole to your mouth.

So here I sit, been awake now for about fourteen hours and no cigarettes.  I have no cravings, no shakes, no headaches, no urge to eat or munch, no nervousness.  Now I’ve done some looking into withdrawals too and supposedly the 48 hour mark is the worst, so check back in a couple days.  But for now, smooth sailing.

Woo hoo!




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4 06 2010
Alzheimers Disease

Thanks for posting this very helpful information; I happened to come to your blog just searching around the web. Please keep up the good work!

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