Day Two

23 01 2010

Well let me first say that 200+ puffs, much less 300 puffs per cartridge, is a joke.  In about 6 hours I went through 4 cartridges and cheated with roughly a total of a cigarette by sneaking drags off of Glenn’s smokes.  So I began doing some research on the brand and model itself and found people equating one cartridge with 5 – 6 cigarettes.  I still think that’s a bit high considering when smoking I rarely finished a pack (20 cigarettes) a day and in six hours I potentially had over a pack?  Nuh uh.

And at a cost of 1.99 plus shipping for five cartridges, well let me just say this isn’t going to work.  But the alternative is the liquid and the idea of filling these things myself is not enjoyable.  And as the liquid winds up using .1 ml for each cigarette equivalent and sells for 8.99 for 10 ml, plus shipping, it really isn’t a significant enough benefit.

So I am ordering a set of 50 of the cartridges for refills and going to hope that within that time I can be done with the urges.

I am rather disappointed I have cheated as much as I have.  I have smoked just under a pack in two and a half days, which is better yes, but nowhere near where I had hoped to be in two days.

It’s also very difficult with Glenn still smoking.  I can’t and won’t tell him that – the decision to quit was mine not his.  But each flick of the lighter just makes me miss it more.

I am exhausted so will hope to be more detailed tomorrow in my thoughts.



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