Part one of the first day

22 01 2010

I promised myself to stay honest here in the blog about this non-smoking process, so I am.  I write that as a warning that a couple things in this particular piece are rather detailed and hey at least there are no pictures.

This morning was fine, completely, and I wasn’t sure that it would be.  I had my e-cigarette to get me through until about noon, but I was out at the college and running around in town when it died and like a dingbat I hadn’t planned ahead with a spare charged.  So I faltered and bought a pack of smokes.  I smoked three between noon and about two when I was back home.  I probably should throw the rest away, but instead I packed them in my console in my car.

The not so pleasant portion to read is next.  I am beginning to produce phlegm.  I can’t find anything official online to note if this is normal when quitting smoking, but I have no cold or cough even, so I have to assume it is related to the quitting smoking.  It’s about once or twice an hour I feel like I have a gum ball sized amount at the back of my throat so I have taken to coughing it out into a napkin.  I did find some forums where people spoke about coughing phlegm while smoking and that it is your lungs trying to clean themselves.  So I can also wonder if the phlegm is due to the fact I had the three cigarettes after not having any since last night’s final, about fourteen hours without.

I am also concerned about how many puffs in one cartridge.  They are supposed to provide 200 – 300 puffs, but I have to drag about 3 times per inhale instead of once and I am on my second cartridge and I know I would have never made it through one regular pack in that short of time.  So I am thinking that the amount of puffs from one cartridge may not be as much as they described or my second and third puffs are really adding up fast.




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23 01 2010

Good points!

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