The First Drag

21 01 2010

So they’re fully charged, well one is, and it doesn’t actually work how I thought.  I thought there was a male inserting a female portion of the e-cigarette, but not so.  There is a device called the atomizer which has a crumpled aluminium foil type of a tip inside of a metal bullet looking case.  It screws directly into the battery portion of the e-cigarette.  The aluminium foil looking part is what inserts into the cartridge.  It’s extremely small in size, maybe an inch from tip to tip, though this part is completely out of sight from the e-cigarette body.  As an interesting side note, the manual indicates that this part has an internal calculator and will automatically clean itself when the computer calculates that the user has taken 1500 inhalations, thereafter it will initiate the atomizer automatic cleaning cycle which will remove interior deposits.  Nifty huh?

The cartridge doesn’t internally look how I thought it would.  The rubber piece, well actually it’s silicone, is actually like a freshness seal that you pull out before using.  The cartridge is a laminated piece of hard plastic, so you don’t have to worry about tearing or damaging it when you remove the plug.

The inside of the cartridge looks a lot like a piece of a cigarette filter.  Maybe after I use one up I will tear one of these apart and see what the inners contain, but for now…The foil looking part has the cartridge slipped over it snugly and though I read warnings of liquid leaking out, I can’t actually see any liquid.  I tapped the cartridge onto my palm a few times to see but nadda.

So I take the battery (fully charged), screw in the atomizer piece, and then slip the cartridge over the end of the atomizer.  Voila.

Now it’s time to test this puppy out.

The first puff is really intense.  I had ordered a stronger nicotine content than I normally smoke, though I wasn’t aware.  I am actually hacking.  I feel like some high school kid hacking up their first cigarette.  It isn’t giving me a headrush or anything, but I can actually feel the vapour, the fog, going into my chest.  It’s really a weird sensation.  I am taking two or three drags at a time as opposed to one in order to feel like I am getting the same amount of ‘smoke’ in my lungs.  If that continues to be the case I am going to wind up needing more cartridges than I thought I would.  Each cartridge is like 300 puffs, but if I am taking more puffs than usual that will kill my initial estimates.  There is still the tingling sensation I get from a cigarette, but it isn’t the same.  The inhale still feels rather cold like my menthols do, but the menthol isn’t the same menthol.  At least it doesn’t taste like the cough drops it smells like.  You actually exhale a puff of smoke still which is really kind of weird too.  It doesn’t smell bad though, kind of has the same cough drop smell but very faint.  Glenn says he cannot smell anything at all in the exhale smoke.

The weight of the cigarette will take some adjusting.  It is not comparable at all to a normal cigarette, it’s very weighty.

One thing I really like is that the body isn’t hot, nor the filter.  Nothing about this is warm at all.  And if I take a puff and lay it down, I don’t have to turn it on or off.  I wasn’t sure if there would be a switch, but there isn’t.  When you inhale the end lights up to an orange-ish red colour and it is automatically on.  Don’t inhale, it’s off.

It doesn’t fit in my pack, so I am going to have to figure out a new method of carrying it.  The pack will close, but not fully.  Somewhere I have my sterling silver engraved cigarette case that an ex bought for me and it might work for this.  I wonder where that thing is.  Hrmm.

I have 10 regular cigarettes left.

Holy crap, smoking a regular cigarette after having smoked the e-cigarette for the past hour, wow.  Huge difference.  It’s hard to put my finger on this precisely, it’s very different though.

Well tomorrow I will begin my life without the cigarettes.  Hopefully this will do the trick.

More later!




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