The Arrival of my e-cigarettes

21 01 2010

After waiting forever for my cigarettes to arrive on the slow boat from China – actually I ordered them the 7th, they shipped the 13th and considering customs and all, they made good time – my e-cigarettes arrived today.  I noticed they bypassed customs by sending it from an individual and calling it an electronic gift, but in a way it is a gift.  It’s a gift to me and to my kids, my grandkids and great-grandkids to be and to anyone else who may or may not want me around adding my two cents to their life and business for the next fifty years or so.  My mother-in-law was over at the house when I saw the mailman slip the package in the mailbox and I knew right away what it had to be and I could hardly contain myself to say our goodbyes so I could crack open the box and get the party started!

The little black box refers to this as a mini-cigarette, though I am not really sure why.  The model, if you are interested, is DSE103 and runs $45 for two batteries, 6 cartridges, and the charger.  I also purchased 10 refill cartridges which ran $1.99 each in the flavour of Marlboro Menthol mediums.  I actually smoke ultra lights, but I was concerned that the strength wouldn’t be what I am used to so I ordered mediums and figured I could scale back from there.  The effectiveness of the nicotine is 14mg, though I am rather vague on what that translates to as I don’t know the nicotine value of my cigarettes…just looked it up and per the internet, my cigarettes are .5 mg.  Wow, maybe I went too high for my cartridges.  The lightest they sell though is 11 mg.  We shall see.

The cartridges that came with the cigarettes include 2 high (18 mg), 2 medium (14 mg) and 2 low (11 mg).  There is also one base that can be screwed on when not in use I suppose?  Each white part there is the battery and they are actually fairly heavy in contrast to a cigarette.  I weighed it on the food scale and it comes in at just under half an ounce, but holding it feels more like the weight of say a ball point pen or a heftier roller ball pen.  It has a laminated slick texture to it and the end lights up – which I will get to in a bit.

It’s rather difficult to get a good image here but the white battery part has a female coupling, for lack of a better word.  And it is that end which gets screwed into the charger, which came with the kit.  It comes with an adapter for perhaps a European outlet?  But it plugs in to my Yankee outlet as is so I screwed in the battery and plugged it in.  The end of the ‘cigarette’ (the battery part) flashed green a good few times, which according to the manual it should flash five times when you plug it in.  I didn’t count but I’ll take their word for it.

You are supposed to let it charge for eight hours before the first use and when I first plugged it in it glowed red on the charger.  Within minutes it was green, which should mean it is done.  But I am not going to take any chances, plus I still have eighteen cigarettes left to whittle down so I will let it charge fully.

The cartridges  are about the same size as the butt of a typical cigarette and the battery and cartridge combined will equal relatively the length of my 100s.  (I didn’t want to screw it in yet because it looks like in the manual that when you screw it in the foil that holds the nicotine liquid gets compromised and I don’t want to do that til the battery is ready.)

The cartridge smells like a Hall’s cough drop, which I did pick menthol but I can honestly say I’ve never confused the smell of my smokes for cough medicine.  I am kind of concerned how these are going to taste since their smell is so strong.

Well patience is a virtue so I will wait and update later once this puppy is ready to go.




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