Ms. Peacock in the Oval Office with a cigar

21 01 2010

He reminds me of a Kennedy, young, motivated, and attractive.  And beset with problems with a flair for the dramatic.  It was his name on the vice presidential ticket that kept me from voting for Kerry in 2004.  Kerry seemed poised and articulate and a better choice than another round of ol’ Dubyah, but the possibility of him not finishing his term and having this young kid take over the leadership of our country bothered me.  And when that same charismatic man tossed his hat in the ring for the 2008 elections, no one was happier than me to see Hillary Clinton beating him out.  However, I have to wonder the what if factor in light of his recent scandals and admissions and lies.  Would we be sitting through another Lewinsky-gate right now if John Edwards had successfully been elected to the seat of presidency?

Let’s play catch up with the facts before I begin.

His web of lies is a picture perfect for Webster’s of why people don’t trust politicians.  In 2007 the National Enquirer published a string of stories of Edwards and his mistress and they were largely ignored.  I mean, this is the same newspaper that has published pictures of alien babies and third comings of Christ – they aren’t exactly considered reliable from a reference standpoint.  And Edwards and his accused lover came out with guns blazing about how they worked together on his campaign and she was a bona fide film maker, documenting the road to the White House!  So the stories died.  For a little while.  The unraveling began when a married nobody on Edwards campaign team stepped forward to claim to be the adulterous father of the accused lover’s bastard child.  The oddness of it all was that the accused lover had moved to live near this self proclaimed father and his wife.  (And being what I consider a typical woman, let me say there is NO WAY in hell any woman my husband had an affair with and subsequently got pregnant would be living in the country club with me, close enough to come borrow a cup of sugar!  Hell no!)  Suddenly tongues started wagging.  But Edwards and the suspected lover continued to deny anything and whether it be out of respect for John’s cancer stricken wife or not, the media walked away in large part from the story.

Not the Enquirer though.  They were determined to save their good name.  Their source gave them a lead on a meeting of Edwards and the accused and her newborn child.  So they set up shop at the hotel in question and with the cameras rolling, they caught Edwards, who promptly ran and hid in the bathroom until he could be escorted out.  Suddenly there is a little potential for merit to the stories.  And finally, almost a year after the initial accusations, Edwards admitted that he had a one time fling with the woman, nothing but a moment of weakness.  And with his beautiful Jackie O comparative by his side, the media again backed off.

And now fast-forward to today.  John Edwards finally comes forward and admits to being the father of the love child.  His wife is supposedly no longer living with him, the lover has taken the pay off and run, and his political career is in ruins.  There is still the question of the more than $115,000 dollars that was given to his lover from campaign funds for her documentary.  The documentary produced only a handful of YouTube worthy clips and seemed to be little more than a lame cover for their love affair.

So my excogitation is what if he were president?  The impeachment of Clinton surrounded his denial of having sexual encounters with another woman, and most citizens looked at Clinton’s wife and said of course he’d screw around.  But I have a feeling that impeachment for Edwards would have been too good.  His wife is beautiful and through her medical sufferings, you can almost see the halo atop her head and I am quite certain the Catholic church has already drawn the documents for her sainthood.  There is also the further question of the campaign funds misappropriated to the mistress and the bastard child that serves as evidence for the affair.  This is not a game of Clue and a play on words like the Lewinsky scandal.

I have a feeling that this type of a scandal, involving the first lady moving out of the White House, a bastard child in diapers sliding down the banister while her mother checks her bankroll funded by contributions, I believe this impeachment process would include a tree branch and thick rope with Democrats and Republicans alike holding the pitchforks.




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