American Rejects

12 01 2010

Ahh it’s that time of year again.  American Idol season.  And I enjoy it all.  The roller coaster ride from tryout to May when the final two stand nervously before the judges to have their prayers answered.  While I thoroughly enjoy the competition and watching these folks grow emotionally and develop musically; I think there is still a lot of fun in watching the try outs.  And it got me to wondering about the parents, the friends, the family, the people who surround and support their loved ones who have the gumption and the mindset that they are with talent.

We all want the best for our kids, our loved ones, our friends but I’m not sure that encouraging them down a path that you know is not right for them is the best way to go. I watch helplessly as they strut up to their dot on the floor, open their mouths and allow the atrocities they consider heavenly to deafen the listeners.  And while there are those that you can tell are there for their fifteen minutes, there are a lot who truly believe they have skill.  They are convinced by their support network that they have a gift.  Why would you tell your child they are a great singer if they aren’t?  Are you so deafened by love that you cannot hear their voice?  I can’t imagine sitting in the car and listening to my child sing like a wounded cat and still having the insecurity as a parent to say good job.

I say insecurity because I believe that is what it comes down to.  These parents want to always be the good guy, they want their kids’ love and they want their children to be happy, and if the action to obtain these desires is to tell a little white lie, then so be it.  Why not man up and hand them a tape recorder and let them hear themselves sing?  Let them judge for themselves if they have got what it takes and if they too are blinded by their bias, then be honest!  It’s certainly not the easiest path to take but isn’t it your obligation as a parent to guide them?



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