More than this

22 11 2009

It’s now seven months, and seven days since I lost my job.  I ran into an old co-worker two weeks ago who filled my head with tales of woe and how pitiful things are going in the inner sanctum and while I should have smiled with glee, I didn’t. But I have had a few fantasies since of my phone ringing and them offering me my job back.  Those are nice thoughts.  However in truth, it seems only debt collectors have my number on speed dial.

I don’t know what I would do without my husband.  I’ve never been out of work this long and I beat myself up mentally that I have not yet found a job.  He’s such a supportive man though.  Thankfully, whilst it is tight, we are still afloat.  And his encouragement keeps me motivated.

I’m contemplating going to school.  It would certainly fulfill my days more than reading the news and harvesting my Farmville crops while I refresh want ad sites.  I don’t know what I would study though.  I don’t know at this point how much having more education would make my resume stand out from the other five hundred per want ad.

I need something though.  More than this.  But then, anything is more than this.




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22 11 2009

Go back to school!
By the end of this month, I will have passed 1 year of being unemployed.

I signed up for classes ASAP and I will be graduating this spring. However, be careful. You may not be able to take day classes. Check with your state’s unemployment about being “available for work.” Most states do allow you to go to school, but the time/amount of units may be limited. Also, while financial aid is available, you may find you still have some rather large expenses in tuition and books. Still, I don’t regret school. It’s the only thing that kept me from going insane, and it kept my spirits up.

I never stopped looking for another job. There just aren’t any. Even part time ones.

20 05 2010

Missdisplaced, I did indeed go back to school and a lot of my prompting to do so came from your response. Thank you!

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