Where are the jobs?

21 10 2009

I keep reading and hearing all of this stimulus crap and I clearly remember our fine president speaking about how he wouldn’t support a nation of gimmes and how he wanted to see some doers.  I know he pushed through a bill back when I was still employed that would create jobs and now that I am not employed I’d kind of like to know where they are.

This is truly the longest length of time I have been unemployed, unless you count the three weeks with the airplane freaks as a job, which I did but don’t any longer since they let me go.  I am afraid my sanity is slipping as I have moved to the extreme of washing the walls in the house since there is nothing left to clean.

I read last week that the smallest bonus at Goldman Sachs is 700k.  You read that right, $700,000.00 for a bonus.  They don’t have any jobs in Florida though.  I looked, I actually alt-tabbed as I was reading the news article and went to their careers page.

I think that at least during this recession, yes Mr. Bush, it is a recession, employers should not be allowed to hire moonlighters.  I guess that’s the socialist in me right?

I have thought about applying for welfare, food stamps, the whole government cheese hand out thing, but I can still afford coffee so for now, I am not on my knees.




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