You betcha!

16 10 2009

I’m waiting for the news, I use that word lightly, to start the circle jerk session that is sure to come on the coat tails of Raj Rajaratnam’s arrest.  Raj is one of the wealthiest men in the world and though he works for a financial investment group, his money was made in the ways of the Martha Stewart’s of the world – insider trading.  The downside is that this man donated money, over $100,000 in the past five years – almost exclusively to Democrats.  He also bankrolled militants from Sri Lanka who use suicide bombers for their attacks.  He also helped establish a charity used as a front to collect and donate money to terrorists.  It won’t be long until this news will join hands alongside the Bill Ayers story. When word surfaced about how the first President Bush and the father of Osama bin Laden were business partners and board members for an investment company called The Carlyle Group, I really didn’t give it a lot of weight, and amazingly neither did the ultra-conservatives who lately lead the lemmings with the pitch forks in hand.  But I can guarantee with almost 100% certainty that certain Republicans and vocal supporters will milk this news about Raj for all it is potentially worth.




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21 10 2009
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