Jack and Jill fell in love

16 10 2009

Jack and Jill are engaged.  They are your typical happy couple, full of bliss and joie de vivre.  They want to marry, have children and grow old together.  They can close their eyes and picture the day when their baby is borne.  They can picture rocking it to sleep, its first day of school, the senior prom, the day when their child comes to them and announces that like their loving parents they are wanting to share their life with another.  No couple falls in love and pictures the day they will divorce.  No couple weds and plots the demise of their relationship.  Despite the fact that the divorce rate in our nation is 3.6 out of 1000, the marriage rate is 7.5 in 1000 – thus obviously some marriages are lasting.  Are they all perfect and lasting until the end of time?  No.  But is the risk of divorce worth the absense of marriage? No.

When you bring home your betrothed and introduce them to your family, there is always that one family member in the corner who has known you so well and sees your loved one as not right for you.  They know best and they are the one holding the over under odds on the success of your marriage. They might pull you aside and share their thoughts, try to discourage the marriage plans or give you the speech they rehearsed in the car for the past thirty minutes.

Typically if you can get past all of this though, finding your true love, deciding your relationship is structurally sound enough to take that plunge, convincing your family to stand by your side, typically this is all you must endure to be married.  The judgement phase has passed and now you’re off to the officials where all that remains is to sign your name on a dotted line and pay a fee.

Our Jack and Jill are Terence and Beth.  And the judge and jury wasn’t their family and friends but rather the down home backwoods judge Keith Bardwell.  In his opinion, interracial marriages don’t last.  Yes, Jack is black and Jill is white.  Did I fail to mention that?  Did it matter?  Should it matter?  To this judge it does.  He refused to marry them for that reason.

I believe very strongly that if any two people who have the mental capacity to fall in love and to comprehend their actions, they should be allowed to wed.  Whether they are black and white, Chinese and Greek, male and male or female and female.  These are factors that the heart doesn’t recognize and neither should the courts.  What right does any official have to say that what is seen on the outside should impact what the heart feels within?




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