20 08 2009

I entered the technology world late.  Late as in, in 1995 when I first got married, one of our gifters had a return address on the card of some odd address that included periods and an at symbol and I tried to write a thank you to it.  By mail.  Late as in I only got a phone that could text in 2007 and didn’t actually figure out how to text until late 2008.  I am still working on learning the shorthand for it.

I hate texting, I hate emailing people, and I really hate that people who know me outside of their monitor felt the best way to wish me wedded bliss did so through social networking sites.  People that I didn’t even know had a computer!  For all of our technological advances in communication, we pull further away from genuine communication and are losing our sense of society.  In no time, our holiday greeting cards will be reduced to Twitter blurbs of HRU TIA 4 UR MC 2 ME TC MUM ILU.  I think when that becomes a reality, I will just pull out all of my hair and curl into the fetal position at the foot of my bed til they commit me.  I just hope Hallmark and the USPS stay in business long enough to outlive me.




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