Less than a day to go

5 06 2009

It is now less than twenty-four hours away from our wedding and it seems each time I take the moment to mentally do the math to count down the minutes and hours til the moment we say I do (again) that even more time has passed and I have to do it again!Everything is coming together so nicely and outside of my feared surprise guests or lack thereof, I can honestly say I think it is all a go for perfection.  There have been a few crazy moments that I have to record here for posterity’s sake.

I went down yesterday to pick up the wedding gown from the seamstress and I didn’t have my daughter with me.  So I began the daunting task of shimmying my arms through about fifteen layers of a gauze like material and when I thought I had found the opening, I found I hadn’t.  Rinse repeat about five times before I decided to whip the dress inside out – or try.  Come to find out that the seamstress had accidentally sewn two of the layers together and thereby removed an entry point.  She grabbed a seamripper and fixed it for me and I began again.  In my anxiousness, and stupidity, I got makeup on the front right shoulder.  Note to others who may someday be in my shoes – don’t hold your wedding gown in place with your cheek while trying to zip it up. Better yet, have someone with you any time you try to put the dress on.  The seamstress gave me a tip on how to get it out of the chiffon layers, and it worked.  Whew.  The gown fits like a glove and I am so glad I had it taken in.  She said she wound up taking out three inches of the bust on each side!  And to think I contemplated wearing it as is.

Wednesday I went down for the much anticipated injections to my back.  Due to some miscommunications, they couldn’t do the cortizone shots – but he did three lydocaine injections and the result is just amazing.  I woke up Thursday sore at the injection point and on my actual spinal joint, but I could walk.  I can jog – I didn’t attempt to run.  But jumping, walking, dancing and even doing the Twist is all a possibility now!  I haven’t felt this great in almost three months.  They did warn me that it would likely only last four to eight days, but to have this mobility is just too much to put into words.

Glenn’s brother got his tux in, though he told Glenn it was powder blue with rhinestones and about gave me a heart attack. I did Kayla’s nails, Glenn’s nails (in a lovely French manicure fashion), Alannah’s eyebrows, my legs, and am entirely done with all of my to do tasks for the day, except that tonight I have the task of jotting our personal vows down onto some index cards to look more presentable at the ceremony. I am so anxious I know I won’t sleep a wink, so I plan to take a pill to help.  My worries about job hunting and car payments and my injury and every other problem that usually eats at me are so completely gone from my thoughts that it has actually taken me a couple minutes to write this paragraph and try to remember what it is that worries me.

I don’t think I have ever been so happy except for the two days that I brought life into this world.




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