Two hundred and twenty-two hours to go.

28 05 2009

Two hundred and twenty-two hours to go.

The Resolved Frets

The dress arrived and is just as lovely as I imagined it would be, though the boob area was hella big – even for me.  So much for custom made to my measurements.  But I have it at the seamstress and it will be ready forty-eight hours out.

The tuxs for Glenn and his brother arrived this past Tuesday and the pair will be going in this Saturday to have the final fitting, the bow tying lesson experience and then that worry will be of the past with a week to spare.

The cake is selected and paid for in full and to be delivered two hours out.

The nail appointments are this Saturday at 4 with a week to spare and as always, because Nikkia and her salon are so awesome, I don’t have to worry if they chip or such.

The girls’ dresses are altered and fit to a tea and they have been practising the nightly chore of walking in heels.

Glenn’s other brother called last night and has the mics and speakers for outside as well as in.  He has processional pieces.  We’ll deliver the recording of our song for our first dance this Saturday to him.  And to boost, he has offered to video the whole ceremony.  Initially he offered to video it in HD but we decided that that may be too detailed!

I have written my vows and we meet this weekend with the minister to rehearse and walk through the ceremony with a week to spare.

The girls and I finished up the baggies and I have all of the candles and tulle bought and ready to go with over a week to go.

I am doing the guest book and wedding album work today over lunch so that will leave me nine days to spare.

I made the throw-away bouqet and practised the art of hurling it.

We practised dancing to our song and when we finally were done and thought it couldn’t get much more stunning than that without professional help my daughter chimed in with the ‘It’s alright guys, I can’t dance either.’

Worked on doing the hair and make up for the girls and have it timed to take just under one and a half hours.

Bought the adhesive boulder holders and played around with taping my breasts in place.  They work well but removing a bandaid the circumference of one’s hand from the second most sensitive area of my body, not once but twice – I’m thinking that working clamps in as part of the jewelry would be more comfortable.

The Perpetuating Frets

Glenn has yet to write his vows but promises he will, if I don’t get them done for him first.

The photographer hasn’t called me back but damn sure cashed my check.  I do have a signed contract at least.

We have to practise kissing for the camera as the camera shots we have seen of us kissing are not images we want dispersed to the world and to boost, evidently the tongue should not be part of one’s wedding kiss.

No RSVPs from many invited and no congratulations cards have arrived in lieu so the headcount I budgeted for may be off if they plan to show but I hate to call and ask and risk the awkward conversation of asking point blank if they are coming.

I haven’t decided how I want my hair done at all and have yet to begin playing around with it and the veil for styles.


It is getting so close but still feels like it is far away.  Surreal indeed.

I tell you, I am so glad we did the actual civil ceremony already.  That moment, those ten minutes of just he and I standing in the office at the courthouse – they are still such a monumental moment in my memory because there wasn’t the headache of the cake or the photographer or fittings or hair or make up or headcounts – it was just the two of us promising before an officiant to be true to each other for life.  Don’t get me wrong, having a wedding, a real wedding, is a dream come true, but I really look at March 5th as the day we truly married.

I am still struggling with not having my family and friends there; it’s hard to imagine this day taking place and most of them being present.

Part of the ceremony we are doing a ‘blending’ piece my minister recommended looking into, which will have Glenn committing to the girls as well, presenting them each with necklaces and vows to them.  When we read that, we both were just moved almost to tears and decided that it was a must.  My oldest is fretting a lot as her friends have been giving her shit for not calling Glenn Daddy and have told her that after the wedding she ‘has’ to.  She sat down and talked to him and told him the word father and variants thereof just leaves a sour taste in her mouth and she is much more content in calling him Mister Glenn.  He is happy with that and we told her to tell her friends the same.  Kayla though has been calling him Daddy for about four years now, so Alannah feels like she should too.

Since the girls are still in school we decided to do the honeymoon the week after with a four day trip to Key West.  With my Marriott Rewards points I have almost enough for all three nights at a five star overlooking the beach with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an in-room Jacuzzi and kitchen area.  I haven’t been to the Keys since I went with my two year old daughter for my twenty-first birthday so I am truly excited as hell for this.

Two hundred and twenty one hours to go.




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