How does it go – the unmitigated gaul?

22 04 2009

I don’t know how many of you are out of work or have been – but I am willing to bet that if you have been or are that you will share my feelings that I am about to vent on.

Being out of work is an emotionally berating time.  Being let go from a company and having that feeling of being undesirable, unnecessary, unwanted – it really gives your ego a swift kick even if you can rationalize the reasons for your displacement.

And then of course there is the financially painful aspect of the ordeal, checking your bank balance and hoping for that Monopoly moment of ‘Bank Error In Your Favour’.  Each day is another reconfiguring of your budget and a recalculation of how many days you now have left to survive in a normal existence of livelihood.

And I won’t even start on how debilitatingly boring it is to have a spotless home and eight hours of your life lying before you as you climb out of bed each morning with nothing to fill those hours with except job hunting.

The job hunting process involves another swift kick to your ego as you grovel before an unknown audience to prove how much better than your unknown competitors you are for a job that you don’t even know if you actually want.  Open one internet window with your email; another to monster; another to careerbuilder; another to craigslist; another to google and then of course your resume open in another window.  Search for your career field and apply, apply, submit, submit.  Broaden the search to fifty miles from home as you think to yourself in the silence of your home ‘would I really drive fifty miles each way for 10/hr?’.  Remove the career field and start simply searching the city and applying for jobs for which you are over qualified, under qualified and ones you really don’t even know what they are hiring for.  Check your email for responses.  Refresh each window for possible new leads.  Begin randomly typing names of areas businesses into the google window and search for any email address to submit an unsolicited resume to.



So with all of this angst and hope hanging in the wings, who the hell do these sick bastards who prey on people such as this think they are?!  You know who I mean.  ‘Hello there,’ says Mister TalksTooFastToInterrupt as he explains how he saw your resume and thinks you are a great candidate. Your heart skips a beat and you suddenly think back to who all you have submitted your resume to.  No matter, who cares which job it was. Someone finally wants you!  Your tone softens and gains a serious edge – my husband calls this my librarian phone voice.  ‘Of course I am interested, please go on,’ you say, mentally calculating how all those bills will shortly be wiped off of the slate and the store bought coffee luxury may soon be yours.  And as Mister TalksTooFastToInterrupt sings on of your eye catching resume and wonderful skills, you begin to wonder how he really got such a grand view of your finest qualities from that resume that no one else has bothered to look at or respond to for all this time.  No matter – he wants to hire you as his new star employee.  Then when it all sounds too good to be true, he mentions in a quick aside about how this position allows you to set your own pay.


Oh yes, a great sales person like you has the potential to earn thousands, even hundreds of thousands a year.

Really?  What am I selling?

A future.


And then it becomes clear.  It’s a mutual fund, or stocks, or insurance, or any other number of masked pyramid scheme with the lovely façade of being your best job opportunity in years.

Or the other sick bastards that have created websites simply to scam you out of the few dollars you have left on the plus side column of your budget offering you a return of a job writing literature or being a mailman or stuffing envelopes or billing for some medical company or transcribing from home for some highly successful company no one has ever heard of.

They seek out the people who are down on their luck and their dime and reaching out for any potential return of income to their lives and it just pisses me off!  I’ve started learning to let all calls go to voice mail as a means of screening out the job opportunities on my own time but I have to wonder where the morals are of people like this?

I just fell for one myself that was unlike anything I had yet seen and I do not yet know what the fall out will be, but I am so relieved that I caught on when I did.  The email arrived from one William Wallace who is the HR Director for this company that will pay me 14/hr at home to research and respond to customer service emails.  I googled the company and found nothing to leave me wondering, so I clicked the link to and uploaded my resume for review.  Technically that should have raised a flag as the email arrived as a RE: and stated it was in response to my resume submitted for customer service representative.  But I submitted my resume anyhow and awaited my email notification that was to serve as a employment authorization to weed out the ‘overwhelming’ responses from ‘head hunters’.  I received my authorization email with a new link to click on and I did so.  And then I paused.  The website stated it needed me to complete the form for their HR department to verify my eligibility to work in the US and so forth.  The form required my full name, maiden name, last five years of residential addresses, date of birth, parents’ full names, mother’s maiden name and my social.  I paused again.  I have worked enough with HR work to know that this information is typically only requested after the job offer is made and at no point is the name of my parents or my mother’s maiden name necessary to prove my eligibility to work in the US – much less the other requested tidbits.

So I used whois to search the website.

It was created on March 26 of this year and they provided the address of the registrant.  I googled that address only to find several posts about scam companies under a variety of website and company names assigned to the same address.  And each scam noted had a very similar situation to what I had just endured.

Then I got pissed off.

I am still angry but people who go to this length are so much more of a disturbance to me than the PriMerica-type salesmen who simply just phone up their prey.  When you are in this position where you wonder where your children’s meals will come from in three months or how you will survive on the $250/wk the government is willing to pay for unemployment – you become a bit more frail, a bit more naïve, a bit more anxious and a bit less on your toes, a bit less selective and a bit less aware of asses like this who just want to use you.

The audacity.




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