Abstinence isn’t realistic?

17 02 2009

I watched the Fox interview with former VP candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol and I about fell over a couple times.  Specifically at the point when she pointedly states that teenagers being abstinent is not realistic.

I was not raised in a religious household like she was; I was not raised in a family that had a public image to uphold like she was; and I wasn’t raised in a seemingly wholesome environment like she seemingly was.

My parents did not go to church and did not encourage any religious thoughts in our household except at the holidays.  My mother had multiple partners in and out of her bedroom and made no attempts to hide it from me or my father until she finally ran off with my father’s friend when I was sixteen.  Dysfunctional would be a great definition of my childhood.

And yet I lost my virginity to my husband.

With the prevalence of STDs and teenage pregnancies and so forth – it was incredibly important to me to remain abstinent and it was not because of any pressure or teachings at home.  And I never felt pressured by boyfriends to compromise that plan. Sure, I had a boyfriend or two who tried to push that envelope, but ‘no’ works wonders.

Sex ed is starting much younger now, my daughters went through it in fifth grade; whereas I didn’t have it until the tenth grade.  And I know that they are being taught the biological aspects as well as the risks of unprotected sex – so I have to wonder do they just not have these types of education available up there in the Great North?

Why would anyone willingly involve themselves in sex at that age when they know the risks?

How in the hell can anyone say that abstinence is unrealistic?

This is what oral sex could get you:

Forty-five million people over the age of twelve have genital herpes – that is one out of five people.  One out of FIVE!  And though the risk of contracting herpes is higher when the sores are visible, they don’t have to be evident to be contagious.  And the risk is there for sex, both oral and otherwise.

And HPV is an STD that has no visual identifiers.  It can infect every orifice and can cause cancer and genital warts.  One out of two people will get this STD in their lifetime.

Trichomoniasis has only the symptoms of burning urination, itching and sometimes a discharge – but at least it is fairly curable.  But those same symptoms show for gonorrhea – which usually goes hand in hand with Chlamydia, which can actually escalate to blindness – ask Capone about that.  And one in ten get Chlamydia in their lifetime.

Gonorrhea is pretty isn’t it and this is just an image of it on your back – imagine it elsewhere.

It gets worse from these, AIDS / HIV of course being the worst.  And the milder risks are pregnancy.

I’m not getting off of my soap box yet though.

I wonder if anyone ever showed Bristol images like these and explained these risks. Pregnancy is the least of her troubles and she is lucky I suppose.  My children have seen these images and while I don’t want to scare them from ever having sex, I do want them to know the risks of being a loose teenager.  It isn’t something that a partner of any sex may go around announcing, that they are infected.  Look at Roberto Alomar’s ex.

So what you plan to spend your whole damn life with him or her – no matter what they say you don’t know they feel the same and if they do then why the problem in making them wait?

To hear this quirky brat announce that abstinence isn’t a realistic option for teenagers nowadays just makes me cringe and I cannot help but wonder what is going on in that happy household of hers that she has that mentality.

Okay, I’ll stop preaching now.




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15 07 2010
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