My political thoughts

25 09 2008

It seems to me that most people don’t really want to know why you support a presidential nominee when they ask why; it is more of a rhetorical springboard for them to advance into why you shouldn’t.  And if I were sitting on a fence and trying to weigh my options, that reaction from them may be more appreciated.  But when I have already made up my mind and am awaiting my absentee ballot to arrive, I really don’t need to hear your version of sophomore year debate.

I am not a real political person.  I stay up on whatever hits the home page of the BBC and CNN and I figure somewhere between the two is enough of a glimpse of the truth to get the general idea.  I have a fairly good idea of where each candidate stands and what each wants me to believe they will bring this country.  And truth be told, if Hillary had won the nomination, I would begrudgingly have to avoid the polls as I have for the past several elections.  I have never felt strongly enough about the beliefs of any candidate to want to go vote.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been registered to vote since 1994, but there was never a good enough reason to give either side an edge with my one vote.  This year though, the moment I saw Obama begin a real campaign, not just testing the white waters of America with his mulatto* toe, that I registered in the state of Florida to vote and began the process for absentee voting.

The biggest winning platform for me is the maturity of Obama in regards to most all other politicians before him.  He has shown the fortitude to stare the immaturity of mud slinging in the face and call it what it is. Now, mind you, I am not naïve and I know that members of his campaign do the dirty work for him so his hands remain clean, but there is a refreshing aspect to not having to listen to the continual whining of this candidate did this to this person in that person’s back yard for that many jelly beans.  That to me is such a big deal, that I would vote for him alone for that reason.

Add to the above that this guy has a comprehensive knowledge of the lifestyles of our enemies, and has respect for them.  Keep in mind, these enemies were our under the table wink wink nod nod allies when their aid benefited us in years past.  Is there any reason for them not to abhor us?  We supply them with ammunition and military training, tell them to go kill the bad guys that we can’t publicly attack and then point the finger at them and invade when the need arises.  And with the even subconscious lean towards white flight in this country, we as a whole have learned to willingly point our fingers in fear at any religion or race that differs from our own; which only provides fuel to the government’s need to attack.  Let me back track for the slower folk…Under Carter we gave the Arab jihad forces in Afghanistan weapons, money, whatever they needed because we needed their help to handle that whole Cold War panic attack.  But when that was over, we simply dusted our hands off and walked away.  The fact that their soldiers died for our cause didn’t even warrant a simple thanks or even an air lift of MREs.  And as is expected in times of squalor, someone comes along with a heavy hand and takes control.  And even then as the Taliban grew to control almost all of Afghanistan, we simply turned our collective heads as the US.  Now on a separate hand we have the Al-qaidah, a massive Arab jihad force broadcast themselves as loud as possible on the world podium with the attacks of September 11.  Now suddenly the whole damned country of Afghanistan is to blame and shall pay; which quickly extended to other Arab nations.  And here’s where that white flight pays off ten fold…we were all so anxious for revenge against whoever could have done such a thing we failed to see beyond race and religion to note that old adage of there is a bad apple in every bunch.  Suddenly Arabs are bad; Muslims are too and pretty much any combination or descendent thereof should burn in a fiery hell lit by the USA.  Without continuing on this rant, it is comforting to me to see a candidate who doesn’t see with blurred lines when he looks at the Middle East and can call an apple an apple and not just say fruit.  The sooner we as a nation can begin to look at that region as individual states and provinces that just have some bad guys they need tended to, the sooner our men and women can get the hell out.

The third key thing for me is that there is an earnest push towards changing the way we look at fuels, changing the way we look at energy and moving towards conservation and alternatives instead of just trying to find another patch of land to drill in for some oil.  The earth only has so many resources to offer us folks and when it’s gone, we’re screwed if we haven’t taken the time and energy (hah no pun intended) to figure out another way to live.  We can’t keep squashing the Stan Meyers’ of the world and hope that the public won’t notice.  We have entire communities like Spearville living off of the energy provided by the wind but yet most major cities cannot get on board because the damage it would do to their sky line.

I haven’t yet had coffee so I’ll stop now before I ramble a bit too much, but to those of you who ask about my voting decisions only to preach how McCain is the only viable option, ask about his behavior during his command of Jax Navy base after his return from the POW camp.  Ask why he held a do as I say not as I do train of thought and wore his POW experience like a badge to shove in the face of anyone who would come close as an excuse for his poor behaviour.

*I know some find this word degrading, so let me assure you I mean it not as such.  Words only have the power that you give them and if you are bothered by the use of an antiquated term that indicates a mixed race, then perhaps you should grow some skin.




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19 10 2010

great blog , how are you doing now eeh?

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