Dis-it all

12 09 2008
Today I got the test results back for my oldest daughter and have been distraught, distracted, dismayed, disgusted, disappointed…dis-everything.
About 3 years ago we learned she had asthma, seasonal they said.  The doctors prescribed various medicines and with each hospitalization a new medicine or dosage was prescribed.  About 4 months ago I asked a question I should have asked years ago…what are the side effects?  After getting poo-poo’d by the doctor, who didn’t really seem to want to get into all of it, I went researching and as I did, light dawned on marble head.
For the past couple of years we have wondered if my youngest had hit some sudden growth spurt as she is now taller than her big sister…although eighteen months younger.  Over and over, each medicine listed stunted growth and as I looked back over pictures I couldn’t note any height change.  I brought it to the pulmonologists’ attention and he sent me to the pediatrician to check her history.  Sure enough, in May 2005 she was 61″ tall and nine years old.  Now at thirteen and a year and a half later…she remains 61″ tall.
We had to get various x-rays and screenings and bloodwork and have waited on pins and needles the past three weeks for the results.  They are quite simply that her growth plates are closed and she will not grow any further.  This was very hard for me to accept, is very hard for me to accept.
Granted 5’1″ is fairly average height, but I am 5’8.75″ and her father is 5’8″.  Many of our family members on both sides are fairly tall.  I think the big thing for me is just hearing the finality of it all…and not being able to do a damn thing about it.  It isn’t so much the height part of it, but just knowing that your child had this potential and no longer does.
She took the news rather well but I am still struggling with it.



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