L’origines de la mort

5 06 2008

Origins. Typically when one thinks of an origin, we think of the start or the beginning. What an apt name for the new server. The beginning of what though? Certainly not of the game, not even if you close one eye and kind of squint does this appear to be anywhere close to the origin of the game. It seems as more of the beginning of the end. Maybe I am just too pessimistic to see this as the crowning achievement that it is being toted about as by EAM.

I started playing because a friend of mine went to purchase D2 and saw the DAOC case alongside it and at box comparison decided DAOC the better of the two. I stayed on because of the wonderful people I met in this game. You can’t recreate the community by introducing some half assed server that has some semblance of what once was. That community, that era, that origin began and was created by the players. Sure, Mythic laid out a foundation that was wrought with bugs and errors but it had its positives too. Somewhere along the way, somewhere between SI and TOA, someone dropped the ball of giving a shit though and the players who had built a great gaming environment on top of that initial foundation could see through it. Many kept trudging on, waiting for the fix to the fixes, someone to stop looking at the bankroll and say ‘hey let’s look at our player feedback’. But when that didn’t happen, a large portion of that community gave Mythic the finger and moved on. That day is gone, it can’t be reeled back in because you think you have finally figured out what the players of four years ago wanted most. They wanted what the ones you still have want now, you to pay attention to the needs and the basics and stop fucking with the fluffy bunny shit.

Yet here we are again, back wasting our efforts to tell EAM what we think and what we want when for ‘months now’ they have already had a plan in motion to give us what they want and what they think will drive business. Will people return? I am sure they will. And after a month of seeing that it isn’t what they remembered or what they missed the most, they will discontinue again. In the meantime, the current population will pop over to give it a go and see what is this hype about OF; or return to remember how it wasn’t. And the population will drop even more for the servers of handfuls of players who remain here.

Perhaps if EAM extends a Come Back campaign with invites to the people who made this game, at least on Percival Albion, what it was, maybe they can breathe life into the corpse. However, if not and EAM continues to fail to advertise, this truly is the origin of the death of DAOC.




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