The Über Ego & The Nescient Healer

31 05 2008
There was a time when being a good cleric was comprised of having Bunker of Faith, 100% rez and MCL. These pre-requisites and managing to keep your group upright, all the while tossing a stray stealther a heal or two along the way and you were golden.The truly adept could ninja rez and kite about to avoid being face down ass up. Then came TOA bonuses and capping enhancements, PR, DI, egg rezzes and templates. Gone were the French maid costumes in emblematic gold enamel, replaced by aciculated crowns and chain with snake-like patterns. Even that has all changed.

The biggest change is the attitude; min and maxing to the nth degree and the introduction of the über ego.

I met the latter head on tonight and I spent about thirty minutes debating with myself if the über ego was even cognisant of its own existence. The night before, when we first met, I had healed 15,000 points prior to its healing of any.

Within the hour, it had overtaken me by 10,000 points. Very nice indeed I responded, as the door was swung agape for compliments to enter in. The über ego explained to me the faults of my spec, the worthlessness of my self-identified key traits and I nodded along silently, mistaking it all for well intended advice.

I took it to heart though and re-examined my cleric and found a workable new spec that provided me a higher set of enhance buffs, without losing the specific spells for which I had specced high in rejuve.

This may have been all well and good, but good is never good enough. The über ego met me again tonight and I offered up the meager news of my decision to take its advice to heart, expecting to hear how it hoped it would fair me well. Instead I was regaled with tales of the über ego being able to heal still better than I and with far less than I deemed necessary for myself.

Let me set the stage:

Über Ego: What realm abilities do you have?

Nescient Healer: Augmented Dexterity 4, PR1, MCL1, DI1, Purge 1, Mastery of Healing 1, Wild Power 1.

Über Ego: Dexterity is overrated. DI is a poor cleric’s insta and there is no point to having only PR1 if you rez for them to die.

Nescient Healer: Well, I notice a considerable difference between 334 dexterity and 356 dexterity.

Über Ego: Come here, let us begin casting at the same time and see whose arms move faster.

<Über Ego moves off to buff with no comment as to the visual examination>

Über Ego: Watch your heal stats and mine, you’ll see how I quickly overtake you.

Über Ego: Well where are we at heals?

Nescient Healer: I am number three and you are number five.

Über Ego: Oh you must be trying real hard to stay ahead.

Über Ego: What is your power pool that you need a font? If you notice, I never need a font.

Nescient Healer: 53% power pool

Über Ego: Well what is your bonus to range?

Nescient Healer: You’ll have to wait, I am busy healing.

Nescient Healer: 10% range

Über Ego: Well what is your spell piercing?

Nescient Healer: I don’t see any listed, I must not have any.

Über Ego: I wouldn’t do a template without it. Whose template are you using anyhow?

Nescient Healer: One I made.

Über Ego: What are we at heals now?

Nescient Healer: Two and five.

Über Ego: Remind me to change my cloak colour, they keep coming straight for me so I haven’t been able to heal at all.

The conversation carried on and on in this manner most of the night. Damning my imbelic ways, silencing when they weren’t obvious to anyone, degrading the attempts and then excusing itself when not blatantly tangible.

I was so frustrated I almost logged off. I stewed and thought about how it is this über ego, this elite attitude that ruins the pleasures of playing a game. When all of the cards presented are equal, the über ego requires that there must be a clear and true winner. It cannot be a matter of having two compatible skill levels; that isn’t an option at all!




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