Ex cathedra

7 08 2007

I took my final steps into the ML10 dungeon yesterday as a raid leader. It was kind of sad, but relieving.

When you send your first born off to school for the first time, knowing she must go by law and for an education, but you bite at that spot just inside your lip that is now raw from days of gnawing, because you have never once been 8 hours without her…it is that kind of feeling, just not so strong, obviously.

This morning I emptied my three-inch white binder into the trash. It is notes and print outs and maps and locations and so forth, gathered over the past three or four years. It is tabbed and noted throughout, blue tab for ML1, white tabs for sub-steps; green tab for ML2, and so forth.

I have written most of them into a word doc as well, partly for posterity’s sake, partly because I would like to get them into a pane for a UI still.

Times have changed though, by a great amount too. Last night we did MLs 8 – 10 with no more than 40 in the BG at any time, completed the lot in about 3 hours, not including breaks and lotto.

I remember when ML9 alone could surpass that total. Hell my first ML3 run was 6 hours, one hour shorter than Gwaeni had last ran hers, and I was proud.

A six hour raid; what on earth were we smoking to think that was worth achieving?

I have accomplished every goal I had for this game.

I wanted to reach fifty, then I wanted all of the bubs past it full.

Next goal was RR3, then 5, then RR8; each has been surpassed.

ML10, done countless times over.

Have the guild last for one year; it has been 4.

Have the alliance last one year; it has been three.

Host the classes; lead raids; hold a relic; kill the dragons; figure out what that damn woman upstairs in Merlin’s turret was for. I haven’t figured out a way to kill that blasted Ydenia, but most all else is done.

Sitting back this morning, I know now I could hit cancel and never log in again and still be completely satisfied. That is a good feeling to have. No pressing urge to fulfill some pixilated goal for the betterment of my conscious.

It’s satisfying to be sitting in my chair, drinking my coffee and knowing it is a Sunday and I have not a single plan or thing to do in the world laid out for me.



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