Jilted Lover Syndrome

5 08 2007

You hang around, waiting for them to cast you a sideways glance; to give you a glimpse of the attention you once absorbed without realizing how greedily you took it all in; basking in the memories of what was; staring at old images and smiling fondly as you think back; all along wondering why it ended and trying to lay your finger on when it ended. What precisely was the moment when it all crumbled apart? Could you have done something differently? Should you have gotten the jump on it and left first instead of sitting here now playing the role of the jilted lover praying for a sympathy fuck?


That’s where I am with the game now. I sit back looking at old movies and reminiscing; flipping through files of screenshots of the simpler days. Followed by wondering where my money is going each month.

Remember when it was just under ten dollars a month? Those days were when it was exciting and fun, weren’t they?

The relic being in danger was a cause for alarm for any and all, from level 5 on up we would haul ourselves out to Excalibur, in slide show FPS fashion.

And then they upped the prices, just under fifteen and we nodded along saying now we can actually fight to defend instead of hoping to just crash the server to keep the relics. And for the next few years, it was still pretty good.

Yes, yes, there were downsides, but you can’t please everyone.

But now?

Who are they pleasing now outside of their profit sharing employees?

It certainly isn’t the people who pay the monthly subscription. The few who have hung on this long play out of habit and for lack of having anything better but even they are dwindling in numbers as their friends they enjoy playing with turn away as well which leaves even less reason to hang around.




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