Final Anniversary

27 05 2007

Four years of the guild, three years of the alliance and less than 7 months til I bid adieu.

It really hit me when I was editing the anniversary celebration Ultimate Duel video. I sat at the desk for about 30 minutes bawlng as I watched the clips that Glenn had shot of the crowd, how it panned around to all of these dear friends I have made over the years.

I knew the perfect song immediately, from Quest for Camelot, The Prayer. That made me cry even more and then I started typing my goodbye.

Yesterday morning, when the girls watched it, it dawned on them that I was leaving the game and Kayla turns to me and asks to verify, ‘you are quitting the game?’ I nodded yes, and she proceeded to ask if she could have my stuff. That made me chuckle heartily.

I remembered this morning, building the guild. I added all of the best crafters of each skill to my friends list and would message them when they logged on, just to say ‘ello. We formed very good friendships that way and later it paid off, as I could garnish gear to be made at cost in a moment’s notice. When you are the young GM of a new guild, that really helps to be able to provide for your guild at all times.

I remember our first members, first me and Shallie and her daughter. Then Glazze, Patagonia and Nitramklab. Then Tyfany and Reigina and Blanier. Then Blotma and Gwenllyn and Lurry. Then Ariyaa and Luonotar. Then Oeric and Astoreth. Then Myrdynna, Doba, Ahvalia and Gabbriella. Then Nxy, Crudar and Gwibryn.

About that time it starts to get fuzzy…which came first the chicken or the egg. But the great part I think is how so many of them are still in the guild today.

I miss the days when we started out, so much. We had such fun stripping at West Downs to earn guild monies, the whole what type and colour of panties quest. But those days are gone.

Perhaps it is best that the final months are so harsh as they are, it makes it easier to close the book.




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